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A Different Kind of School

Los Ninos is not your typical school, with an innovative approach to learning with a small teacher-to-student ratio and a focus on equipping our children with the life skills they will need to succeed in life. Learn more...

Breaking the Poverty Trap

Poverty is more than just a word, it is a disease. Here at Los Ninos school, we are attacking it at its core, educating a cohort of students and helping them break the poverty trap. Learn more...

Room to Grow

Los Ninos is all about changing destinies, and we could not be prouder of our 27 students for their commitment to the program.  The principle of combining food and education in a safe setting...Learn more...

Los Niños Gala 2016!

Join us for our annual event on December 7, 2016 at 6 pm, at One Federal Street in Boston. Click the link for more info!


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